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We pick and sell veggies to our local customers
All Products are PICK-UP only. Unless noted in Product description.


Farming in our words

'The bumblebee and the snapdragon covered in pollen to feed their young. The smell of walking through the tomatoes. The camaraderie of the people we work with and who envelop the farm with love and support. The customers that tells us that our carrots taste better than anything that they have ever had. Sinking our teeth into a warm crunchy cucumber right off the vine. The smell of the flowers as you walk past them. Growing healthy food to share with all our wonderful supporters. Allowing most everything, bugs, birds, worms, dogs, goats, chickens, ducks, and a human or two to benefit from the plants, the healthy soil, and the sense of  community our farm creates. '

Video designed by Jillian Leslie