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We pick and sell veggies to our local customers
All Products are PICK-UP and LOCAL DELIVERY only. Unless noted in Product description.

Passion For Organics

Know your farmer…Know your food.

Welcome to Earthy Organics

Amongst the large standing birch trees and the quaking aspen, there sits a modest house with many friends around. The chickens and ducks range on their land and eat the bugs and grass as they should.  In the packing shed hands are busy preparing all the veggies for marketthat have just been harvested from the bountiful fields…

A bit about us:

You will see a couple of people here on a consistent basis: John Abenante is the Owner/Farm manager and does most of the work! John is at the farm most of the time and is a great person to chat with about the workings of the farm. You will see him working on the equipment, as well as weeding, picking, and delivering. He does all the maintenance of equipment and builds all our farm structures. He is the one out on the Kubota tractor preparing the land to plant, putting down the irrigation, planting, and harvesting all the veggies for the stores, restaurants, farmers markets and gate sales. My name is Jeanine Powell and I am the other Farm Owner and second set of hands. You will see me out in the fields after work and on the weekends. My other job is as an environmental research technologist discovering ways to make the earth better in other very important ways. Greenhouse management and flower production is my passion and my happy place. I will be out in the fields harvesting, planting, and weeding. And then in the shed arranging flower bouquets and planting seeds with a big smile on my face! My educational past guided me into horticulture after many years of university in the health sciences. In my health care past, the importance of gardens, and gardening was brought up over and over with many of the patients I treated. And from there my passion for plants, soil and healthy food production bloomed.


In 2002 the farm was bought by Jeanine and John, Jeanine’s mom, Frankie and stepdad Bryan Earthy. We started from the ground up. The property was so well cared for and there was so much love and thought given to the land that it was just so easy to move into. The fields were all wild with alfalfa and pasture. We broke ground with our old hand tiller in 2003 and started to realize our dream and how much work it would be!! We planted garlic our first year and the pocket gophers consumed most of it. And so the fun began! In 2004 we decided to seriously start the farm and got working on a name. With Bryan’s last name being so awesome, we went with Earthy Organics.

Named after one of the elders of the property. We started the process of becoming Certified organic and were successful in 2005. We decided early on that this was the way we wanted to run our farm. Organic agriculture is just so much more than a book of standards we must follow. It is something in the heart and soul of our operation. John comes from a family gardening background and has learned about food production and sustainability from his dad Olindo and his mom Rose. We have carried on the Italian beans, the Romano, that Rose harvests and prepares for the winter for all of her family to enjoy. Beans and tomato sauce and pasta…Just an amazing experience in the dead of winter. The peppers are from his parents' crops and they are strung up in Rose’s basement to become red and dry and made into paprika. Amazing! We hope to keep this legacy going forever.

Health & Wellness

One of the lessons that stuck with me from many years in healthcare, was the importance of home gardens and gardening for health and wellness. Organic agriculture is about keeping the land you grow on healthy and productive. We add natural amendments to the soils that allow the bugs and microbes to thrive and give back to the plants. Healthy food is about healthy soil. We harvest the day of or the day before the markets and delivery to the stores and restaurants. This ensures you are getting the most nutrition out of your food. The longer it is out of the ground the more it loses its nutrition. BUY LOCAL AND ORGANIC! This is the healthiest for you and the environment.


During my radiation therapy career, and after the wonderful patients put a bug in her ear about the health benefits of gardening, I trained as a horticulturist hoping to teach about the therapeutic effects of gardening. And although I didn’t start a career in horticulture therapy, the farm has given me the avenue to teach about all the wonderful benefits. I supplemented my horticulture diploma with permaculture training. John and I love to teach about farming and organic food production and all it’s benefits. Courses are offered on a yearly basis so sign up to our newsletters and keep up to date on the farm offerings.

What it is and why care?

Certified organic

A great quote that sums up what organic agriculture is:

“Organic Agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic Agriculture combines tradition, innovation, and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and good quality of life for all involved.”

~ International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) We are certified organic according to the Canada the Organic BC website