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We pick and sell veggies to our local customers
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Nourishing the body, respecting the earth

Welcome to Earthy Organics

Farming in our words

The bumblebee and the snapdragon covered in pollen to feed their young. The smell of walking through the tomatoes. The camaraderie of the people we work with and who envelop the farm with love and support. The customers that tells us that our carrots taste better than anything that they have ever had. Sinking our teeth into a warm crunchy cucumber right off the vine. The smell of the flowers as you walk past them. Growing healthy food to share with all our wonderful supporters. Allowing most everything, bugs, birds, worms, dogs, goats, chickens, ducks, and a human or two to benefit from the plants, the healthy soil, and the sense of  community our farm creates. 

A bit about us:

As the sun rises bringing forth a combination of both serenity and excitement to Earthy Organics you will find John and Jeanine preparing for their work days.

John Abenante and Jeanine Powell are the Owner/Operators of Earthy Organics Farm. 

As the farms full time manager, every spring you will find John out preparing the land for planting accompanied by his four loyal companions: Scout, Gus, Luna and Charlie. What’s a farm without a few dogs, goats, ducks, cats and chickens?

 By late spring the rich organic soil of Earthy Organics Farm is already showing signs of a bountiful harvest. John will spend his days planting, weeding, irrigating, and rolling along on his faithful tractor. The work is endless but his Joy is evident. The days are full but without a doubt they are fulfilling.

As a full-time Environmental Research Technologist Jeanine is always hard at work trying to discover ways to make the earth a better place. Holding a degree in Horticulture and Health Sciences Jeanine was moved to see  the importance of  plants, soil and healthy food production. To say she is passionate is an understatement. You will  find her in the evenings and on weekends in the greenhouse or alongside John in the fields with a smile upon her face. She is never happier than when she is amongst the many beautiful varieties of flowers that she grows.  Jeanine is what we call a flower/plant Nerd, However when you place one of her beautiful flower arrangements in the centre of any table you will understand that her passion creates  pure beauty!!

It is this same passion that leads to a meal that tastes just like at Nonna’s house. where everything was touched by the sun and grown with exceptional care and love.

Through hard work and a  desire to create something of the highest quality, and with a  little laughter along the way, Jeanine and John have been able to realize their dreams on their homestead  at Earthy Organics Farm. 


In 2002 “ They bought the farm!” And the adventure began. Jeanine and John started from the ground up. The fields were all wild with alfalfa and open pasture and had been so well cared for. 

After Breaking ground with their old hand tiller in 2003 and planting a field full of garlic their dreams were deflated when the Pocket Gophers consumed most of it. 

And so the fun began!!!

In 2004 it was time to create a  name for the Farm and at last “EARTHY ORGANICS” emerged. Named after Jeanine’s stepdad Brian Earthy…let’s face it with a last name like that the choice was obvious.They then  started the process of becoming certified organic and were successful in 2005. Organic agriculture is so much more than a book of standards they must follow. It is deep in the heart and soul of their operation. 

John comes from a gardening background and learnt about food production and sustainability from his parents Oli and Rose. John grew up in a traditional Italian household where Romano tomatoes were turned into Rose’s  delicious tomato sauce, that while cooking, warmed the house on any cold winter day.

Rose and Oli’s basement was full of hanging peppers being dried for Rose’s Famous Paprika.  Jeanine and John share the desire to hold onto the heritage and traditions of yesterday. Traditions born of high quality, Healthy  sustainable foods shared with Friends, Family  and Community. 

Health & Wellness

Jeanine supplemented her horticultural diploma with Permaculture training and learned  the importance of home gardens and gardening for health and wellness. Organic agriculture is about keeping the land you grow healthy and productive. Jeanine and John add  natural amendments to the soils that  allow the bugs and microbes to thrive and give back to the plants. Healthy food is about healthy soil! They harvest the day of or the day before delivery. This ensures you are getting the most nutrition out of your food. 

John and Jeanine both love to teach about farming and organic food production. Courses are offered on a seasonal basis so sign up to our newsletters and keep up-to-date on the farm and all that it has to offer.


This is the healthiest for you and the healthiest for the environment.

Our Farm Family!

Our staff and volunteers are involved in....

  • Planting Crops
  • Greenhouse work
  • Harvesting Vegetables
  • Weed and Pest Management
  • Washing / Packing Vegetables
  • Preparing for + selling at Farmer’s Markets
  • Winter Farming Season Extension
  • Building Projects
  • Fertility and Land Management

And we wouldn’t be able to exist without them!!!