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We pick and sell veggies to our local customers
All Products are PICK-UP only. Unless noted in Product description.

Gate Sales + Tours

Come and meet our crew of amazing staff, take in the serenity of the farm, sample fresh veggies and bring home high quality organic produce. 

Pick your own produce at our shop or pre-order a weekly vegetable basket!

To place large bulk orders or special requests- send us a message!

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Weekly Produce Baskets



~Tour Our Farm~

We LOVE visitors!

Over the last few seasons, many students from kindergarten to college have walked through our fields, connecting with the farm and gathering information about how we work with the environment. If you want a true Organic Farm experience come join us and learn about how, why and what we grow.

  • Join our farmers on a stroll around the grounds for an overview of life at our local organic home
  • Pick flowers
  • Get your hands dirty and plant some veggies
  • Meet all our fluffy friends (chickens, ducks, goats, and dogs!)
  • Ask questions and find out how your food gets from the soil to the local grocery stores

Our farm is for everyone! Children, gardeners, food-conscious eaters, and anyone with a curious mind. Our goal is to get more people and children interested in modern sustainable agriculture and educate the public about getting involved with where your food comes from.

Please contact us to organize a family or school tour or ask about volunteering opportunities!