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We pick and sell veggies to our local customers
All Products are PICK-UP only. Unless noted in Product description.
Know your farmer…Know your food.

Welcome to Earthy Organics

Amongst the large standing birch trees and the quaking aspen, there sits a modest house with many friends around. The chickens range on their land and eat the bugs and grass as chickens should.

We are a Certified Organic farm

Situated  Close to the beautiful Columbia River and community-based. We pick and sell the veggies to our local customers so that they get the most nutrition they can out of their food.

Community-supported agriculture

The term "community-supported agriculture" was coined in the northeastern United States in the 1980s, influenced by European biodynamic agriculture ideas formulated by Rudolf Steiner.[4] Two European farmers, Jan Vander Tuin from Switzerland and Trauger Groh from Germany, brought European biodynamic farming ideas to the United States in the mid-1980s.
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